Let Your Imagination Run Wild


I recently came across this blog (http://mashable.com/2008/07/23/corporate-social-media/), which lists more than 35 examples of corporate social media. I was surprised by the breadth of the examples. There was everything from Sears partnering with MTV to create a social network around Back to School to HP using Twitter for a scavenger hunt at a conference. The most innovative social media solutions seemed to be directed at the customer, though.

But I would argue that the same creativity should be applied to social media tools for your employees. Innovation sparks innovation. So if your learning is delivered in an inventive way, it will ultimately incite creativity in your employees.!@!

It’s not enough to just have Web 2.0 applications. We’re moving beyond that. We need to think of how we can implement these tools in a new and engaging, yet effective way. For example with “MyStarbucksIdea”, why not make a similar site where employees can submit product ideas? That way if employees want to participate, they have to understand Starbuck’s brand and its market, thereby learning more about the organization they work for. Additionally, it creates more engagement. Imagine if your idea were chosen, how invested would you feel in your employer?

As learning professionals, you should let your imaginations run wild as you consider how to reach employees through social media. Obviously, your initiatives need to have practical applications. But why do what everybody else is doing? Think outside of the box to develop something unique to your organization.