Who We Are

Originally launched in 2005, Talent Management is a digital publication and platform, dedicated to providing in-depth information and programming for senior-level talent and HR professionals who champion organizational culture and drive the design, development and execution of talent management programs.

Meet the team behind our award-winning brands.

Ana Dirksen

Chief Growth Officer

Ashley St. John

Chief Content Officer,
Editor in Chief

Kevin Fields

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Lauren Wilbur

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Alec O’Dell

Senior Production Manager – Media and Events

Ave Rio

Managing Editor

Calvin Coffee

Associate Editor

Elizabeth Loutfi-Hipchen

Managing Editor

Josh Ginter

Web Development

Latonya J. Hampton

Creative Director

Melanie Lee

Director of Account Management

Micaela Newton

Events & Marketing Manager

Steve Diemand

Webinar Manager

Taylar Thompson

Director of Events & Marketing

Yosenit Nevarez Rios

Events & Marketing Manager