Podcast: Talent Management dives into the Metaverse

Join Talent Management’s associate editor, Calvin Coffee, for an exploration of the Metaverse at work and VR’s applications among leading businesses.

The fifth episode of Talent Management’s new podcast is now live! This podcast will host talent and HR professionals from across the globe sharing their stories, learnings and big ideas and ambitions for the future of talent management. This episode features conversations between Talent Management’s associate editor, Calvin Coffee, and leaders in VR and immersive technology in the workplace.

The following is an excerpt from Talent Management’s podcast. To hear the full conversation, including how the Metaverse can be a new place to work, train, lead and succeed in the present and future of work, click here.

Calvin Coffee: Hello and welcome to the Talent Management podcast. I’m Calvin Coffee, Talent Management’s associate editor. This episode will feature the expertise of Bharani Rajakumar, CEO of Transfr, and John Jordan, head of The Academy at Bank of America, to discuss the role of immersive technologies pushing us into the future of work.

Welcome, Bharani, and thanks for taking the time to talk today. I’m excited to learn more about the Metaverse and concrete applications of virtual reality in the workforce. To start, at Transfr, what was the initial idea behind creating this VR and training platform for learning and development?

Bharani Rajakumar: So the mission behind Transfr has always been to help someone get on a career path to upward mobility. And so we focus primarily on that entry points to, to getting a job. Now, there are customers who use it with people who have already been hired. So that’s more of kind of like upskilling, my call that, but the primary focus is on helping people acquire the skills that will make them attractive to employers who want to talk to you. And that target population can be folks who are unemployed, and their careers will change and are going into a new job for the first time. It can be people graduating from high school or, or higher end as well.

To hear the full episode, including a dive into the ROI advantages of immersive technologies, and more click here. This transcript has been edited and cut for clarity by associate editor Calvin Coffee.