Google, BMW Most Attractive Employers for Europeans

A new study also found that professional services and firms that offer training and development are gaining steam across the continent.

Stockholm — Dec. 12

Based on the preferences of more than 85,000 career seekers with a business or engineering background, Universum has released its first European talent attraction index, “Europe’s Most Attractive Employers 2012.”

The index, split in the business category and engineering category revealed the current level of attractiveness that companies have as employers, and therefore their potential to lead the world of tomorrow.

In the business category, Google takes the first position, followed by L’Oreal and Ernst & Young. BMW wins the engineering category, followed by IBM and Siemens, respectively.

The top 10 ideal employers segmented by main field of study:

Europe’s Top 10 — Business

• Google
• L’Oreal
• Ernst & Young
• Procter & Gamble
• McKinsey & Co.
• Unilever
• PwC
• Microsoft

Europe’s Top 10 — Engineering

• Siemens
• Google
• Microsoft
• Bosch
• General Electric
• McKinsey & Co.
• Philips

The study also revealed these new findings:

Professional services are on top
Featuring companies such as Ernst & Young, KPMG, PwC and Deloitte, this industry is becoming more attractive in the major European markets.

Mixed feelings for the software and computer services industry
When engineers are asked, software and computer services is the most attractive industry, ranked before the core engineering industries. Business students, on the other hand, are not attracted by the industry in itself but some of the most attractive employers in the business index come from this industry.

Europeans seek professional training and development
“There are high expectations among students to work for companies that help them with their development. Unfortunately, most employers are not perceived to meet these expectations,” said Jorgen Gullbrandson, Universum’s Head of EMEA.

Secure employment and an international dimension is important
In Poland, Russia and Germany, “secure employment” is one of the main criteria for employer attractiveness. In France, Italy and Spain, the international dimension and possibilities to travel abroad with work plays a key role.

Source: Universum