SuccessFactors Launches New Social Collaboration and Mobile Tools

The new features aim to enrich SuccessFactors’ holistic approach to talent management, which are continuous, social and connected.

San Francisco — June 6

SuccessFactors announced new social collaboration and mobile features along with an enhanced user interface in its Business Execution (BizX) Suite.

The company is incorporating these capabilities within each service area of its BizX Suite by combining formal talent management with social and informal tools that aim to capture the experience of today’s consumer applications and replicates them in the workplace.

These enhancements were developed to address and leverage global workforce trends — the proliferation of mobile devices and tablets, a more global and diverse workforce and the growing adoption of social technologies in the workplace.

The new features aim to enrich SuccessFactors’ holistic approach to talent management, which are continuous, social and connected.

Touchbase is a new mobile feature that modernizes the 1:1 meeting and enables today’s on-the-go workforce to “touch base” on issues and items from any place at any time with a synchronized, mutual list of items.

It creates a continuous feedback loop that not only aims to make it easy to keep track of issues, but also helps accelerate productivity. Touchbase items are captured and can be incorporated into a formal performance review.

“Who’s In the Meeting” is a new mobile feature that aims to provides one-click access for all meeting attendees to see the Employee Profile or LinkedIn profile of other meeting attendees. This feature seeks to enable team members to better understand who is in the meeting and their individual role within the organization.

Enhanced, Intuitive Interface for Reviews aims to optimize reviews to provide deeper context and information to managers and HR professionals without adding complexity. Part of SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, new functionality, such as Team Overview and Ask for Feedback, aims to guide managers to deliver a more balanced review. In addition, an upgraded Competency Library seeks to help ensure reviews are more relevant to today’s workforce.

New Social and Mobile Learning Functionality includes a catalog search for both formal and informal/social content, courses and communities; functionality to automatically add a social community to a formal course; and a mobile on-the-job check list to help ensure task-based learning objectives are completed.

SuccessFactors will also update the overall BizX Suite user experience. These updates will include moveable tiles that aim to provide managers and employees with a more personalized, dashboard view of goals, performance, metrics and additional BizX services.

Source: SuccessFactors Inc.