Growth in HR Information Management Drives Newcomers to 2008 IHRIM Conference

Many attendees of IHRIM’s HRMStrategies 2008 Conference and Technology Exposition were first-timers who sought to better leverage technology to drive workplace strategy.

Nearly one-third of the 720 individuals who attended the International Association for Human Resources Information Management’s (IHRIM) HRMStrategies 2008 Conference and Technology Exposition were first-time attendees who sought to better leverage technology to drive workplace strategy.

Sessions on talent management, Web 2.0, workforce metrics and analytics, and HR strategy had standing-room-only crowds, and conference registration increased over 2007.

“Companies today are challenged to attract and engage boomers, Gen Xers and now Millennials,” said Jacqueline Kuhn, chair of IHRIM’s Board of Directors. “HR professionals come to our conference to learn more about technological tools that can enhance performance across the enterprise and embed their corporate culture globally.”

According to conference speakers Jason Averbook, CEO of Knowledge Infusion, and John Greer, senior vice president of human resources for Smart Financial Credit Union, companies must embrace Web 2.0 tools and social networking to effectively conduct business and retain employees or risk being at a competitive disadvantage.

“Business is no longer conducted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,” Greer said. “Smart companies must balance security concerns with the benefit of transferring knowledge and driving innovation at all times.”

With online tools affecting each step of the employee-employer experience, organizations have begun to use HR technology to create a buzz, facilitate online recruiting, improve an employee’s on-boarding experience and even link mentors to develop talent.

To keep HR information management professionals apprised of technological trends and solutions, IHRIM announced it plans to unveil a new certification designed specifically for these specialists in 2009.

“IHRIM members have been inquiring about a certification program for years, and our board believed that an HRIM certification program would benefit our membership and the HR information management profession,” said Lynne Mealy, president and CEO. “Attaining the designation of Certified Human Resources Information Management Professional (PHRI) will further enhance our members’ careers as the certification becomes an accepted credential in the industry.”